About us

We're Grey Rock Innovations Ltd. and we build website applications that help people save time and money.

Why did you build the UK Police Contacts site

Well, we built a basic version of UK Police Contacts back in 2018 as part of our Dronedesk project. That first version was designed to give UK drone operators a quick and easy way to find the best contacts for the police in the location where they were plannning to fly their drone.

It worked well and proved pretty popular. So we created this latest version of the UK police contacts application when we acquired a dedicated domain name for the site.

Not being ones to rest on our laurels, we took the opportunity to build in a number of improvments to both the underlying data and the operation of the site.

So, we're proud to be able to make the claim that you can now find contact information for any police force in the UK with a maximum of just two clicks.

We've added in national police forces too like the British Transport Police as well as information for the Channel Islands. You'll also find contacts for other relevant organisations like Action Fraud and CrimeStoppers.

Where does the data come from?

Good question. The UK police force data is mainly sourced direct from the Police Open Data site here. We've supplemented that though (cos some of it's a bit flaky) with mapping data and additional information from places like the force websites and Wikipedia.

The UK Police Contacts website is 100% independent and has no affiliation with any police force or government body whatsoever.

We hope you find the site useful. If you have any feedback, suggestions or have spotted an error or ommission (or even if you just want a chat), please get in touch - we love hearing from our users.