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01534 612612
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Police Air Service
01924 292 252
British Transport Police
0800 40 50 40
Civil Nuclear Police
03303 135 400
0800 555 111
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0300 123 2040
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0800 789 321

About States of Jersey Police

The States of Jersey Police serves a resident population of nearly 104,000 people as well as over 700,000 visitors to Jersey each year.

At face value, the challenges involved in policing Jersey may seem to equate to policing a small town in the United Kingdom. But Jersey's status as a Crown Dependency with its own government and legislation create a distinct policing environment:

the main difference is that the States of Jersey Police must be largely self-sufficient in developing and maintaining services that are provided through a local, regional and national level police service infrastructure in the United Kingdom

the States of Jersey Police provide a range of functions that would normally be delivered by other service providers in the United Kingdom. For example, they play an enhanced role in supporting the administrative requirements of the criminal justice process, provide a vetting and barring service, manage the town CCTV system and maintain Jersey's central firearms register

They must also police Jersey's ports. Jersey Airport serves about 40 destinations and handles around 1.5 million passengers a year. Another 750,000 travel through Jersey's sea ports

Jersey’s role as an international finance centre means that they have a key function as a Financial Intelligence Unit that works with enforcement agencies around the world to combat money laundering and terrorist funding

The States of Jersey Police currently operates with a funded establishment of around 189 police officers and about 100 civilian staff. The high ratio of police officers to civilian staff reflects a practical need to maintain operational resilience. Many officers are trained in specialist skills over and above those needed for their normal duties so that they can be called upon at any time to perform specialist roles. These might include firearms, search, surveillance, siege negotiation, collision investigation, public order, CBRN response and family or sexual offence liaison.

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